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Customer Testimonials

“They are a life saver for me! They are great for bio-security and make removal and composting so much easier. They are just slick how they work. Would not want to be without them.” 

​Mike Timmerman

“The nice thing about the dumps are the size - a lot of capacity. When collecting, I only climb in the skid-loader once and take care of all four barns, at a speed of about 10 to 15 seconds to dump what was inside out. Also don’t have to remember to lock the door.” 

​Matt Caster

“We got them five years ago and they still work amazing. They are very well built and easy to use. Very glad I have them.”

Eric Timmerman

“They are a huge time saver for me and save me a lot of extra work. I don’t have to leave any dead in the wheelbarrow. Their design is efficient! I would
highly recommend!!”

Cody Hietkamp

“The main benefit for us is not handling dead birds as many times. When the birds are bigger, we don’t have to fight them trying to throw dead ones out the door. When they are small or it’s cooler out, not having to compost every day saves on compost materials and time.” 


​Rick Sawmiller

“I like it. It’s clean.” 


Cary Goettemoeller

“The turkey dumps have been a great addition in my turkey barns. It reduces mortality handling and increases time efficiency. As a farmer, my time is valuable and the dumps give me more time in my day.

Another great addition - increases biosecurity and allows for better use of my time” 


Dillon Muhlenkamp

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